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CNC Machining

Innercity Campers has made a significant investment in the latest Spartan CNC machine. We're excited to offer custom cutting services for your unique designs and projects.  CNC Machines can accurately and efficiently cut pieces of our camper kits to create bespoke parts for your campervan.


All you need to do is send us your designs via email, and we'll provide cutting services at a rate of £50 per hour. Additionally, our CAD design services are available at £40 per hour. Our CNC machine is well-suited for projects involving materials like MDF, plywood, and plastics.

Use the contact button below to enquire.


We can provide a range of services ranging from hourly machine hire, CAD designing, campervan furniture, van racking, househould furniutre, business signage and more.


Campervan Furniture

Campervan CNC cut furniture services. We specializes in creating custom, space-efficient furniture for campervans and RVs using precision CNC technology. We can tailor furniture to fit snugly within the limited space, making the most of every inch. This service optimizes functionality, style, and comfort for travelers seeking to convert their vehicles into comfortable and functional mobile homes.


Van racking

A van racking service customizes the interior of vans for efficient storage and organization. We create tailored solutions with durable shelving and storage options, optimizing space for tools and equipment. This service ensures safety, efficiency, and productivity for professionals using vans as mobile workspaces.


Business Signage

CNC cut signage,  creating custom signs using precision CNC technology. We offer versatile, personalized signage solutions for businesses and individuals, ensuring accuracy, durability, and a professional appearance.

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