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6 Undeniable Benefits Of Owning A Campervan

Nothing beats getting away, family in tow, for a few relaxing days in the great outdoors. That’s why camping trips can offer the perfect weekend getaway, allowing you to enjoy some beautiful scenery and recharge your batteries with your loved ones.

For some, the beauty of camping lies in the basic, no-frills nature of sleeping in tents and cooking on a gas-powered stove. However, for those who wish to enjoy all the creature comforts of home, nothing comes close to a campervan.

In this blog post we’ll cover the main benefits of owning a campervan and see how owning a van stacks up against the stripped back experience of camping in a tent.

More Privacy

When it comes to camping, let's face it we aren’t exactly blessed with an abundance of privacy. Sure, people can’t see into your ten – well not fully, anyway! But if you’re staying on a camp site, your neighbours will hear your every word and if you’re not quiet you might find yourself being told off!

With a camper van, privacy is not a concern. By shutting your doors and closing your curtains, you’re shielded from any prying eyes and ears from the outside world, meaning you’re free to do and say as you please! 


We all love the sound of nature – or at least, we love the sound of nature unless it's preventing us from sleeping! While some may enjoy being awoken to the sounds of birds chirping, for those of us who prefer a lie in, it can start to grate.

Likewise, bad weather can also keep you awake with gusts of wind and drops of rain hitting the side of your tent making it impossible to doze off.

Thankfully, camper vans offer an effective shield from external noise, ensuring you can sleep soundly, undisturbed by animals, bad weather or noisy campsite neighbours. 

Temperature Control

Another major advantage camper vans have over tents is their unbeatable weather resistance. Whether it's the chill of a cold night or the sweltering heat of a sunny summer’s day, a tent can do little to protect you from the elements.

On the other hand, a camper van provides a climate-controlled sanctuary! With insulated walls to keep you warm when the temperature and well-ventilated interiors, sun roofs and even air conditioning to keep you cool in scorching temperatures, whatever the weather you’ll be ready and prepared!

Comfort Of Bed

For most people, sleeping in a tent is one of the most off-putting aspects of camping. Whether you’ve got health issues that make sleeping on the ground or a blow-up  mattress uncomfortable, or you’re just particular about sleeping arrangements, the truth is many people avoid camping just for this reason.

Although some camping beds can offer a degree of comfort, there’s nothing quite like sleeping on a proper mattress.

Camper vans provide a real mattress to rest your weary body after a day of hiking or exploring your new surroundings. Oh and there’s also no danger of them deflating in the middle of the night, which sadly can't be said for those flimsy inflatable mattresses!

Toilet And Washing Facilities

Another element of camping in a tent that puts many would-be adventurers off is the toilet and washing facilities, or lack thereof! If you’re camping on a designated site then you might be lucky enough to have proper flushing toilets, but if you’re wild camping then that’s a luxury you’re unlikely to find!

Camper vans come equipped with these essential facilities, ensuring you don't have to  ensure commencal campsite facilities or worse still wash and do your business in the local waterways!


One of the most tedious parts of camping is setting up a tent. Untangling guy ropes, threading poles and pounding in tent pegs is never much fun, especially if the weather isn’t on your side!

When you own a camper van, you can avoid all this  as your home on wheels is ready the second you arrive at your destination, giving you more time to relax and soak up your scenic surroundings.

Likewise, after a tiring few days when you just want to get home as soon as possible, with a camper van there’s no need to pack all your stuff down. Just throw it in the van and off you go! 

So those are the main reasons why a camper van is by far the superior choice over a tent. Along with unbeatable comfort, privacy and cleanliness, camper vans require no packing down or setting up, making them infinitely more convenient. 

A campervan conversion can take your regular van and equip it with all the benefits you’ve read about above. So if you're keen on having your van converted then get in touch!

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