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Are you installing Van electrics? Victron has these amazing schematics.

Victron campervan electrics
Victron schematics for campervans

If you’re planning to install a power system in a Recreational Vehicle, van or mobile home you’ll be interested in seeing the wiring schematic and accompanying tutorial just completed by Peter Bakker.

Peter is the designer of all schematics in our free-to-use library, but this latest schematic – a link to which you’ll find at the end of this article – is different because it includes a talk-through about the system choices.

It also demonstrates how different levels of user-interface and system-control can be offered by choosing from our range of monitoring, measuring and communication devices.

It’s a study plan for professional installers and DIYers alike, demonstrating the versatility which allows you to build according to your client’s …or your own preferences and needs.

The mobile installation featured is based around a 3kVA MultiPlus Inverter Charger, including 300Ah of Drop-in Lithium ion storage which has a battery management system (BMS) included; battery charging from Solar, Alternator (controlled by Orion Tr Smart DC-DC Charger) and AC sources; charge current control; and, as discussed, local and remote monitoring and management capabilities.

campervan electrics
Victron electrical schematics

The discussion text which accompanies the drawing includes a full explanation of the job performed by each of the installed devices, how they should be connected, including set up notes, cautions and alternatives suggestions which may be suitable for your own build.

  • You can find Peter’s wiring diagram featuring a 3kVA inverter with Lithium storage for Recreation vehicles and mobile homes here.

  • You can access all of Peter’s system schematics featuring all of our devices – when you visit this page you will be invited to enter the name of the Victron device in which you are interested in the search bar.

  • The highly detailed schematics cannot advise you on wire gauge or fuse size as this depends on your system topography and current. You can find all the information you need to correctly size cables, fuses, and much more by consulting our online publication Wiring Unlimited.

Visit to read more about Victrons campervan electrics.

At inner city campers we can install Victron electrical power systems to provide you with the ultimate off grid adventure vehicle.

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