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Different Types Of Conversions For VW T5

The Volkswagen T5 is one of the most popular campervans to buy, as they are known for their reliability, durability, and good fuel economy.

As well as having low emissions and being easy to look after, they are also incredibly versatile, allowing owners to transform them into a variety of conversions.

Here are the most popular uses of VW T5s these days, which may inspire you.


Campervan conversions are probably the most common T5 transformation project.

These enable owners to hop into their vehicle and enjoy a family break whenever they want.

They don’t have to worry about booking flights, sorting out foreign currency, or finding their camping equipment, as everything they need is in their van.

Staycations are still incredibly popular, thanks to the cost-of-living crisis, with 73 per cent of adults more likely to choose holidaying in the UK than going abroad.

Leisure trips

As well as providing accommodation, transport and storage for weekends away, the VW T5 also has plenty of room for large leisure equipment.

For instance, it can hold canoes or paddle boards, or other sport apparatus. There is the option to have the vehicle carpeted, which would also protect the equipment from scratches and scrapes.

When designing the conversion, vehicle owners can specify the type of storage they would require for their sporting goods to avoid them rattling around in the back or taking up too much room unnecessarily.

Pop-up businesses

Although the majority of people who want their VW T5 converted do so for leisure reasons, the vehicle can also be used as a pop-up business venue.

As plumbing and cooking facilities can be installed in the van, small businesses could provide food and drink to the public, bringing their services directly to the target market.

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