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The Various Conversions Possible With A VW T5

Known for its versatility and robust nature, the Volkswagen T5 has become a firm favourite among those looking to have a van conversion. In this post we’ll take a look at the most common types of conversion and see how they’re achieved with this vehicle.

Camper Van Conversion

The camper van conversion turns your VW T5 into a home on wheels, equipped with a cosy sleeping area, a kitchenette, and storage for all your outdoor gear.

What's Involved?

Converting your T5 into a camper van typically involves insulating the interior, adding seating, dining and sleeping arrangements, installing a kitchen unit with a stove, sink, and fridge, and incorporating storage solutions. Some also choose to have a pop-top roof installed for added headroom.

Who Would Suit This Conversion?

A VW T5 conversion is perfect for any outdoor enthusiasts who love camping and road trips, but would prefer a bit more luxury than sleeping in a tent.

Consider your travel habits – if you're a weekend warrior or planning long journeys, customise your camper van accordingly. Make sure to include essential safety features and check local regulations for camper vans.

Mobile Office Conversion

Ever wished you could just pack it all up and get out of town for a while? Oftentimes, the one thing holding you back is your work commitments. But with remote working so widely available these days, by converting your van into a mobile office on wheels you could work or conduct business while you’re on the road

What's Involved?

To create a mobile office, you or the specialist you’re hiring to do your van conversion will need to add a workspace with a desk and comfortable seating, power outlets and storage for your documents or other work-related stuff.

You’ll also need reliable internet connection, especially if you’re planning on travelling to remote areas in your van.reliable internet connectivity, and potentially

Who Would Suit This Conversion?

This conversion is perfect for professionals seeking a flexible work environment. Ensure you have the right technology and infrastructure for remote work, and prioritise ergonomics for long hours spent in your mobile office.

Family Transporter Conversion

The family transporter conversion optimises the T5 for family trips, providing everything you and your tribe need for a comfortable journey. Long gone are the days when long trips resulted in impatient, frustrated kids asking “how long?” every 15 minutes. With a family transporter conversion, the journey is all part of the fun!

What's Involved?

Converting your T5 into a family transporter typically includes adding additional seating, screens or audio systems to keep the family entertained and innovative storage solutions to help save as much space as possible. Some vans may also be kitted out with sleeping facilities.

Who Would Suit This Conversion?

If you have a growing family and love road trips, this conversion is a great fit. Ensure child safety measures are in place, and consider customization options to cater to your family's specific needs.

Accessible Transport Conversion

An accessible transport conversion adapts the T5 to be wheelchair-accessible, ensuring inclusivity for passengers with mobility challenges.

What's Involved?

This conversion typically involves adding a wheelchair ramp and securing points for wheelchairs. It’s crucial for the conversion to allow ample space for easy access and comfortable travel.

Although some conversions can be done DIY, when it comes to accessible conversions it’s best to consult a professional who can ensure the job is done to the highest safety standard.

Who Would Suit This Conversion?

Do you or any of your family use a wheelchair? UIdf so then you might find it a challenge to get around or enjoy trips on the road. Until now, that is!

So those are the main types of conversion you can achieve with a VW T5. If you’re keen to get a campervan conversion in Manchester sorted, speak to us today.

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