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Why Are T5s So Popular For Campervan Conversions?

Are you on the lookout for the perfect van for your campervan conversion? Then, depending on what you’re looking for from your van, the Volkswagen T5 might just be the ideal vehicle.

In this post, we’ll be taking a close look at the T5 to see what makes it the perfect candidate for conversion, and we’ll also look at the two variations of the vehicle to see how they differ and which is most appropriate.

Overview Of T5

First released in 2003, the Volkswagen T5 is an incredibly popular vehicle, and for good reason. Attractive, reliable, spacious and versatile, it’s available in two versions: panel vans and minivans.

The minivan is mainly for carrying passengers, so they often come with additional seats, entertainment systems and other features that make travelling long distances with the family as enjoyable as possible.

Panel vans, on the other hand, are primarily for carrying cargo, so you’re unlikely to find the specs mentioned above. 

With all that said, it doesn’t really matter whether you have a panel van or a minivan – they both make excellent vehicles for campervan conversions, and we’ll explain why below.

The Ideal Van For Conversion

Both panel vans and minivans are incredibly popular choices for campervan conversions, for a variety of reasons. As mentioned above, there are a few differences between the panel van and minivan’s specs, so let’s split them out and see the benefits of each:

Panel Van

First, panel vans offer the perfect blank canvas for custom conversions due to their large, spacious area that can be transformed into living space for your seating or beds. 

Moreover, the absence of rear windows in panel vans provides privacy and security for you and the family, while the flat walls and ceiling make it easier to install insulation and add furnishing and storage.

Additionally, like the minivan, panel vans are strong, sturdy and can carry plenty of weight, making them well suited for carrying the weight of camper conversions.


Likewise, minivans provide ample space for camper conversions while offering the added benefit of passenger seating. This means you already have the seats pre-installed, although this may give you less flexibility for other features, so this could be seen as a pro or a con.

With that said, the rear seats in minivans can often be removed or folded down to give you more layout options and allow you to add sleeping arrangements if desired.

Both the panel and minivans benefit from being made by Volkswagen, which is a popular choice for campervan conversions due to its reputation for quality and reliability

Vehicles like the Volkswagen Transporter T5 offer a range of features that make conversions more straightforward and provide more options for the specs of your conversion.

Overall, both panel vans and minivans provide excellent vehicles for camper conversions, offering space, durability and versatility to create the perfect home on wheels.

So if you’re in search of a van to create your home away from home, it’s easy to see why a T5 could be the perfect choice. And if you’re looking for the perfect team to carry out your campervan conversion in the north-west, you’ve found it with us!

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