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Why Solar Power For Camper Vans Is A Green Marvel

Van conversions can be a wonderful way of providing a leisure traveller with a means of getting around the countryside in comfort and style, but for some discerning travellers, a van may need a little something extra to appeal to them.

While some may focus on the general sense of luxury inside with all the mod-con facilities, those who want to enjoy a more eco-friendly trip might be particularly interested in a van that has solar panels installed on it.

An obvious case in point might be the traveller who has eschewed flying overseas because of the carbon emissions that involves, but who also wants their staycation to have a minimal impact on the environment. Since the van is likely to be diesel-powered, there need to be other ways in which they can access greener energy.

Using solar panels is an obvious way to do this. Often, a camper will stop at a campsite with their van and use the chargers there, which may or may not get all of their electricity from renewable sources.

Others may have large built-in batteries, which are useful for trips where you may stop overnight way out on the sticks, miles from anywhere, and still be able to access electricity. But these still need charging up, so the same issue of where the energy comes from remains.

However, with solar panels, a driver can operate off-grid very easily, especially in summer when the days are long and you can charge up abundantly. It means they won’t need to be close to a fixed power source and their supplies can be charged up when they are away from the van, such as when walking in the countryside or enjoying the beach.

Such a van will not only use green energy; it will also offer its user much greater convenience, especially if touring very remote areas such as the Scottish Highlands, rural Wales or Northumberland. It’s a win for the traveller and environment alike.

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