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Can You Create The Ideal Office Space In A VW T5?

Since Covid-19 forced most people to have to set up an office from home, flexible working arrangements have become the new trend. In fact, when employees were allowed to go back into the office, many realised they preferred the work-life balance they had created in the comfort of their own house. 

Although there is no longer any guidance to work from home, four in ten working adults still do so at least once a week, according to government figures.

In fact, as many as 16 per cent claim they only worked from home between September 2022 and January 2023, and those who were self-employed during this time were twice as likely to do so. 

While working from home or having a flexible arrangement with your boss sounds great to lots of people, the biggest problem for most employees comes down to where to do it. 

In order to be most productive, they need a quiet, calm environment where they can lay out their work and not get distracted or disrupted during the day, or their papers moved, and potentially lost. 

Lots of homeowners convert a spare bedroom into a study or look for a bigger property. However, moving up the housing ladder is very expensive, with stamp duty, solicitors’ fees, removal costs and conveyancing charges to take into account, as well as house prices now increasing year-on-year.

Another solution is to convert a campervan like a VW T5 into an office space. Not only does the vehicle provide ample room to work in, storage to hold all your files and gadgets, and even space for a kitchenette, it can easily be moved from one place to another. 

So if you feel like you want a different scenery one day, you can easily drive to another location, so long as you can access the internet wherever you decide to go.

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