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How A Campervan Conversion Can Create Revenue Stream

If you’re thinking about investing in a campervan conversion, there’s a good chance the main purpose is to enjoy some relaxing breaks in your home on wheels. 

But while this is undoubtedly the most attractive draw, having a campervan may bring you more than just memories – it could also bring in some cold, hard cash!

In this blog post, we’ll explain how your van can be used to make money when it’s not being used. Done right, your van could eventually pay for itself, meaning you’re left with a luxurious motorhome at no cost whatsoever!

Renting Out Your Campervan

Camping is becoming increasingly popular, with a survey finding that a whopping 82 per cent of Brits either like or love it! Indeed, many families across the country are desperate to escape into nature for a few relaxing days as it’s said to ease anxiety and stress.

Campervans combine the relaxation of camping with the luxury of home life, which makes them a hit with many families. However, the biggest issue most face is they simply can’t afford motorhome conversions of their own.

That’s where you come in! By renting out your campervan for a few days at a time, you can tap into a lucrative revenue stream while also helping other families afford their dream camping trip. 

Depending on how much you use your van, over the course of a year, the amount you make could actually prove to be substantial. After a year or two your campervan conversion could quite easily pay for itself!

Enterprising New Zealand Woman

This is precisely what a woman from New Zealand did when she bought a campervan. 

After purchasing the vehicle due to her becoming depressed and anxious, Nikki McIntosh decided to rent out the motorhome when it wasn’t being used.

After advertising it on Campify, a website that allows van owners to rent out their vehicles, her van started to fetch $275 (£141) a time. Some 18 months later she had accumulated £25,000, which paid for her van!

"I love meeting new people, and playing a role in a holiday they will remember for life.

"Each hire takes less time as I become more confident and aware of the RV, but I probably spend too long chatting to all hirers”, she said.

Nikki encouraged other van owners looking to follow in her footsteps and rent out their vehicles to "think outside the square" when it comes to holidaying in a van.

She added: "They’re great for weeknight beach dinners, kids’ weekend sports, sleepovers when having a drink at friends’, extra room for guests, something to park up in just to read a book for a few hours."

By offering your services and sending the message to potential guests that your campervan is suitable not just for camping holidays but much more, you could attract many more customers.

So if you’re thinking about converting a campervan but you’re put off by the costs, remember there are ways to monetise your vehicle which could eventually pay for your conversion!

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